Keep Rockin' - GEEKS CORNER - Episode 845

Keep Rockin’ – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 845

After a successful ROCK4CHOC over the weekend, the geeks return to the studio to share about their favorite moments during this special fundraiser. Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday and the geeks talk about a special program celebrating this special year. This week is the last week for the 2018 Disneyland Resort All-American College Band. In the realm of Star Trek, Jean Luc Picard is making his return. Mr. DAPs, Caitie, and Cameron discuss the possibilities. Finally, the geeks introduce a new segment of “Would you eat it?” This first edition of this segment focuses on random food from the Disneyland Resort! We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of GEEKS CORNER! We’ll see you in the corner!

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