Keep Access to your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Room with Expansions to the Digital Key Feature on the My Disney Experience App

This year, Walt Disney World has made a conscious effort to make vacation planning even easier with the My Disney Experience app! From mobile ordering to estimated bus wait times, the app has been getting better all the time! The next big step for Walt Disney World has been expanding the digital key feature at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels and the final stages of that rollout will go into effect this week!

Guests can use the app to magically transform their Bluetooth enabled smartphone into a digital room key! This feature has been tested at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge this year and the overwhelmingly positive response has pushed this feature to the rest of the resort! On top of using MagicBands as a room key, guests will now be able to unlock their room with simple open of the app!

Guests staying in Walt Disney World resorts will also be able to use smartphones to access any areas accessible with a room key such as fitness centers or hotel entrance gates. There is no longer a need to fumble with room keys or trying to remember where you put a small piece of plastic when your key to the magic now lives inside your pocket!

Each guest staying in the room will be able to opt-in to the feature on the My Disney Experience app, meaning that everyone will be able to access the room on their own! No more locking yourself out of the room. If you have your phone, you have access!

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Are you looking forward to the expansion of this feature? Are you excited to see it come to your favorite resort? Let us know!