Kim Possible Teaser

Check out “What’s the Sitch?” with the New Kim Possible Teaser from Disney

Are you ready to fight some evil villains? Whether you’re ready or not, this new teaser from Disney for the live-action Kim Possible shows us that our titular character will be here to protect us from anything that comes her way!

The teaser, released by Disney yesterday, gives us the first official look into Sadie Stanley’s representation of our favorite high school cheerleader turned worldwide crime fighter! The short clip gives us a glimpse into her moves that she may use to save the day and a use of our favorite catchphrase from the original run, “What’s the Sitch?”

This teaser comes with the big news that Christy Carlson Ramano and Patton Oswalt, both from the original television run, will be returning to this live-action format. Oswalt will be reprising his role as Professor Dementor, the semi-masked evil villain from Kim Possible. It is completely unknown the role Romano will take, but she has announced that she is “thrilled” to be back to the story and is “very excited to help usher in the strong, empowered female character I helped bring to life, to a new generation,”

We can’t wait to see what comes next from Disney in regards to Kim Possible, but we know it’s going to be an adventure! Are you looking forward to this?