There are many different adventures to go on at the Disneyland Resort. Some are the more obvious ones that involve going on the amazing attractions. A whole day can also be spent just enjoying entertainment offerings. Another adventure to have at the Disneyland Resort is going on a culinary adventure. There are some of the normal churros, dole whips, and turkey legs that everyone immediately thinks of with Disneyland foods. There are also some iconic restaurants that serve the usual fare of fried chicken (which is delicious!), pasta, salads, tacos, and the like.

There is another category of food though. This is the category of food that stretches the imagination. Often quite delicious, at first look they might give pause. The following are five of these foods that can be currently found at the Disneyland Resort. These are foods that will take you on a real culinary adventure!

5 Unique Foods

Becky Thatcher's Fried Green Tomato1. Riverbelle Terrace

Becky Thatcher’s Fried Green Tomato – Deviled eggs, roasted corn and avocado relish, chimichurri, red pepper coulis, blistered tomatoes. $17.00 (I note this one because they have it listed as a breakfast item)

2. Lamplight Lounge

Carne Asada Roll – Grilled New York strip steak, roasted Fresno chili salsa, escabeche, and crema. $17.00

3. Award Wieners

Spicy City Dog – Cheddar-jalapeno sausage topped with chipotle crema, queso fresco and pico de gallo. Served on a toasted potato bun with seasonal fruit or filmstrip fries. $9.79

4. Goofy’s Kitchen

Goofy’s Famous Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza –  Exactly what it sounds like. This pizza has peanut butter and jelly on top of it. This is a pizza for children and the child at heart! Included in the buffet price.

5. Studio Catering Co

Space Junk Nachos – Tortilla Chips topped with extra Cheesy Macaroni, Pulled Pork, House-made Barbecue Sauce topped with Chipotle Crema and Fried Jalapeños. $8.49

Bonus Eats:

Cozy Cones

Flavored Popcorn – Dill Pickle or Pizza $4.99.

Cheeseburger PizzaPizza Port (for Pixar Fest)

Cheeseburger Pizza – ketchup, yellow mustard and pizza sauce on a sesame-seed crust with American and cheddar cheeses, caramelized onions, diced tomatoes and a slider patty, finished with a house-made burger sauce and pickle $8.49

Refreshment Corner

Mac & Cheese Dog Basket – Premium Hot Dog topped with Macaroni and Cheese, Bacon Bits and served with choice of Sliced Apples or a small bag of Chips. $8.49


Which one of these food items is your favorite unique food at the Disneyland Resort? What other foods would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!