Dance the Night Away at Pixar Pals Dance Party at the Tomorrowland Terrace!

For those who like to dance the night away and love Pixar Pals, the Pixar Pals Dance Party is the perfect experience for this! Each night multiple Pixar Pals show up at the Tomorrowland Terrace to dance the night away. Throughout the evening different characters make appearances to join guests in this dance party. The night is hosted by a DJ who keeps things moving and helps lead the dancing. Each night at 7:00 PM the dance party begins and continues until 10:30 PM.

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On different nights it appears that different Pixar Pals have been showing up. The characters have ranged from the Toy Story movies to Up, to Monsters, Inc, to Ratatouille to name a few! There are also different DJs on different nights. Pixar Pals Dance Party is definitely worth checking out if you like to dance and love Pixar characters!

Pixar Fest will be continuing at the Disneyland Resort through September 3, 2018. This special festival dedicated to Pixar includes Pixar Play Parade, the Together Forever fireworks, Disney’s Paint the Night Parade, and now Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure! What’s your favorite part of Pixar Fest? What do you think of Pixar Pals Dance Party? Let us know in the comments below!