The Best of Knott’s Boysenberry Festival 2018

Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival is always a great event to go to.  This year is even better!  And here are some of the highlights…

Great Shows

The Boysenberry Festival has some unique entertainment that is fun to watch and even gets the audience involved.  One of the shows worth stopping by is Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree.  The Peanuts are joined by dancers and singers to celebrate the Boysenberry and all of springtime.  It’s sure to get some toes tapping, hands clapping, and even some tunes stuck in your head.  The finale has kids join in some dancing with Snoopy and the gang to make it a memorable end to the show.

Over at the Bird Cage Theater the melodrama called Boysenberry Bedlam features a great troupe that will put smiles on the audience faces as they laugh at the bumbling villain and antic of the heroes.  The melodrama is carrying on a tradition that started at Knott’s Berry Farm many years ago.  The Bird Cage Theater was home to many performances, and the Boysenberry Festival is the one time of year that you can see the tradition continue.  It’s a great, corny, fun performance that has you boo the villain, cheer the hero, and swoon at the damsel in distress.

On Fridays and Saturdays during the Festival, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies will be performing.  This great bluegrass band takes songs to a country level.  Their brand of humor keeps guests guessing what will happen next!

Ghost Town Marketplace Fair

Throughout Ghost Town is several crafters that have opened up stands with their wares.  There is a large variety of items to purchase.  From art to honey there are some original items you won’t find anywhere else.  Even I ended up purchasing honey from Flores Honey ( after sampling it.  One of the other members of our group found a necklace.  It’s a wonderful marketplace fair to peruse.

Over in the Wilderness Hall is Tied Up in Knotts – a great art showcase from some top-notch artists.  It’s all inspired by the history of Knott’s.  Prints are available for purchase, but it’s also just nice to look at the history of the park through the eyes of artists.

Tasting Card and Wine Tasting

The Boysenberry Festival is known for food.  This year has even more available and a better way of obtaining it.  A tasting card can be purchased for $30.  There are 8 tabs to exchange for certain items that are spread throughout Ghost Town.  You can get all 8 items or get a few items multiple times.  It’s actually different from years previous where you could only get one of each item per card.

Wine Tasting takes place in the Wilderness Hall.  Adults can have a punch card for up to six tastings that include a variety of wine and a few beer drinks.  You can even get Boysenberry Punch as an option.

In my opinion, these are essential to get if you visit the Boysenberry Festival.  As a purchasable shirt says “I’m just here for the food.”

The Rest of the Best

Really, it’s hard to narrow down what is the best at the Boysenberry Festival.  Everything is so great at Knott’s!  Old Mac Donald’s stable has an opportunity to get up close to some farm animals.  Decorations add vibrance to the park, and a festive atmosphere.  The Easter Beagle is a great character to get photos with.  Plus rides, fun merchandise, other fun shows, and a pie eating contest for kids makes it a great season to visit!  It will take multiple visits to take in everything!  The Festival runs from March 16 to April 8, so be sure to stop by before it’s gone!

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