Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats - Pixar Pier

Get an Inside Look at the Changes Coming to Pixar Pier This Summer

When it was announced that Pixar would be coming to Disney California Adventure Park, many realized that big changes would be coming to the resort very quickly. Today, we got a look into the official buildings and attractions that will be coming to Pixar Pier!

Jessie’s Critter Carousel

In 2019, guests will find the newly reimagined Jessie’s Critter Carousel ready for a rootin’ tootin’ time! With ride vehicles inspired by the critters from “Woody’s Roundup” in “Toy Story 2”, guests will find themselves transported into a magical and whimsical world of toys. The carousel will find it’s home next to Toy Story Midway Mania and will be the second attraction to round out the “Toy Story” neighborhood of Pixar Pier.




Pixar Pier Food

Not only will Pixar Pier feature exciting new attractions like Incredicoaster, but there will also be exciting new food options! Guests can expect to find an “Angry Dogs” quick service in the “Inside Out” area of Pixar Pier. Continuing to finish out the “Toy Story” segment of the lane will be Señor Buzz Churros where Buzz is serving up everyone’s favorite treat while stuck in his infamous Spanish mode and Poultry Palace featuring Evil Emperor Zurg, inspired by Pixar’s short, “Toy Story Toon: Small Fry.” At the opening of Pixar Pier, guests can find the Abominable Snowman from “Monsters, Inc.” has taken over to sell his lemon snowcones and other frozen treats! Bringing the entire pier together will be the newly rethemed Lamplight Lounge which will be influenced heavily by the artists that have made Pixar into what we know it today.

This will be the third reimagination of Disney California Adventure’s back half of the park, with this being the most in-depth and an entirely different idea of what was imagined from the beginning, and it will be incredibly exciting to watch the Pixar stories come to life in this special pier!

What are you most looking forward to in Pixar Pier?

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