Even Better Food and Treats at the 2018 Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s

It is almost time for the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm!  This year the event is expanded to be from March 16 to April 8, and the menu has greatly expanded as well.

Return of the Boysenberry

A tasting preview allowed me to get an early look and taste of the items this year.  Many returning favorites are back like the famous Boysenberry pie, cheesecake on a stick, funnel cake, and stuffed churro.  Special cream sodas, popcorn, and cotton candy are available.  Make your own Boysenberry pie will be back near the Wilderness Hall in Ghost Town.  It’s a fun way to get a fun treat to eat.

A couple of returning items that were “upgraded” this year to even better-featured food is the short rib and chicken wings.  Both feature great Boysenberry BBQ sauce (which is the best selling Boysenberry item at the park).  The short rib is a thicker piece of meat, making it a juicier way to enjoy a great meal.  The chicken wings have a fried coating that lets the sauce sit on it.  Also very delicious.

The items I just pointed out are reason enough to go to the festival, but there is much more to enjoy!

New Boysenberry Delights

There are several new items to partake of.  Elote with Boysenberry butter, Boysenberry mayonnaise, and parmesan cheese was a surprisingly good blend.  A mini sausage with Boysenberry infused in it also comes with an assortment of Boysenberry hot dog condiments.  Boysenberry coated strawberries are a treat to combine even more berry flavor in one item.  The Boysenberry cookie which will be a great dessert for anyone.  In addition to that dessert are a Boysenberry cake and a Boysenberry macaroon.  The macaroon is a great, light treat that has an equally light and tasty Boysenberry coating.

There are some new savory culinary dishes to have a tapas style meal.  Boysenberry hummus with pita bread is a good blend of the usually salty dip, but with a sweet kick to it.  Boysenberry pierogis have some good tasting fillings and topped with bacon and onion.  A new Boysenberry quesadilla has Boysenberry cheese, salsa, and sour cream.  Though it’s a bit of a Boysenberry overload it doesn’t overwhelm and is very appetizing.

The king of all the foods is the 2-foot long hot dog.  Yes.  You read correctly.  2 feet of a hot dog in a Boysenberry bun.  It will definitely take more than 2 hands to hold, and not for one person to eat.

To drink it all down will be an assortment of wines and beer at the Wilderness Hall.  Cheese plates are available to take around as you taste the wine.  Besides these beverages, two new Boysenberry drinks will be around.  A Boysenberry boba tea will be at the Coffee stand that features Starbucks coffee in the Boardwalk area.  The delicious Boysenberry milkshake that has pieces of actual Boysenberry pie will be located near the stuffed churro stand in Ghost Town.

Some new items to purchase and eat at home are Boysenberry bacon jerky and Boysenberry infused caramel squares.  These will be only available during the festival, so be sure to pick them up during that time!

Tied Up in Knott’s

Over at the Wilderness Hall is Tied Up in Knott’s – an art showcase with inspired artwork of former and current attractions.  Though the art will be on display for the Festival, it will be for sale eventually.

The Best Food?

In case you’re wondering what my favorite item is, it’s very hard to say.  There was nothing that I didn’t like.  If I had to pick a few key items I’d say the quesadilla, pierogi, and milkshake.  But, the jerky is good too.  And the elote.

Ok, so I’m going to say pick up a Tasting Card, which will be $30.  There will be 8 items to choose from and it will be mix and match style.  That means you can try all 8 items each, or have 8 of one item.  The short ribs, chicken wings, elote, pierogi, quesadilla, and macaroon are some things to choose from.  It is definitely the way to go, and this year it’s nice to have the choice of items.

The Boysenberry Festival is one of the best of its kind!  And this year is not to be missed.  It will be hard to get all the food in one day, so it may be worth grabbing a season pass just to eat everything!

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