Walt Disney Studios Paris to Begin Multi-Year Expansion in 2021

Bob Iger has announced a multi-year expansion to Walt Disney Studios Paris, the park right next to Disneyland Paris.  Already announced is the Iron Man roller coaster taking Rock N’ Roller Coaster’s place.  It will be part of a Marvel area that Iger announced.  Other areas include a Star Wars land and Frozen area.  A new lake will be at the center of the expansion areas.  The lake will have entertainment experiences in it.  Each of the new areas will have new attractions and experiences contained in them.

I have some observations from the concept art that was released with the announcement.  The areas look like it will be in place of the Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic.  A large walkway seems to go from what is now the entrance to the lake area.  Another interesting thing to note is that the Tower of Terror remains as that in the art.  But, it is an early art concept and is subject to change as the expansion takes shape.

It is exciting to see the park get some life.  A couple of big attractions have opened in the past, but it’s been a smaller park that has needed some more draws to it.