Star Wars Resort Details and Galaxy’s Edge Toy News

In Japan, the D23 Expo via Bob Chapek just announced more details regarding the Star Wars Resort that is planned for Walt Disney World.  First, it will be connected to Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It’s not clear on whether it’s just story or actually connected, but there will be something seamless about it.

It will be a luxury resort that will immerse those staying at it in the Star Wars universe.  Guests will board a starship with multiple views into space.  Characters will be on hand to interact with those aboard.  And guests can adorn their favorite clothes from a galaxy far far away!

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For Galaxy’s Edge, a glimpse at the toy merchandise was unveiled.  One shop will be operated by a Toydarian, an alien first seen in Phantom Menace.  The Toydarian will be selling various items made by local artisans.  The sneak peek was of some of the toys that will be available at the shop.

Toydarian Galaxy’s Edge toys