Bud Luckey, Pixar Animator Behind Woody’s Cowboy Design, Passes Away at 83

Bud Luckey was not as much a known name in animation as Pete Docter or Andrew Stanton, but he still was a great animator behind many characters we know.  He was the man that came up with Woody being a cowboy in Toy Story.  Among other contributions were voicing Rick Dicker in the Incredibles, Chuckles the Clown in Toy Story 3, and Eeyore in the most recent Winnie the Pooh feature film.

He was nominated for an Oscar with Boundin’, a Pixar animated short.  It was written, directed, and narrated by Luckey.  The short received an Annie Award.  Probably not as known is that he helped produce a few Sesame Street counting shorts, and even performed for one.

Luckey retired from animation in 2008, but did voice work until 2014.  He passed away February 24, 2018 due to an extended illness.

Luckey has contributed quite a bit especially to the Pixar legacy.  He will live on in the characters he helped create.

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