The Secrets You Missed in the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

There was a collective geeky “squeeee!” recently, as the new trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” dropped. If you’re anything like us here at DAPs Magic, you’ve probably watched it a good few dozen times by now.

Fortunately, the MCU is a beast of intricacy, and there’s guaranteed to be a few nuggets of hidden Easter eggs and content that you may have missed. Here’s the ones that caught our attention, and some of our speculations:

The opening planet

While it’s easy to just take in the swirling, alien world as another set piece, it could be an key location in the story. Our first guess? Titan, the largest moon orbiting Saturn, and home to Thanos himself in the comics. Could this be a peek at the main villain’s lair?

Also, interestingly, it’s made to look like Tony Stark is on the planet in the next shot. We know Thanos is capable of ripping rifts in space (demonstrated later, most likely powered by the infinity stone from Loki, more on that in a bit), is the Iron Man actually there? Is this a misdirect? Some sort of vision? Whatever it is, he certainly looks distraught by what’s happening.

Human Vision

It may have taken you a second, but with the Mind Stone clearly on display, that was definitely Vision in a much more human form, having an intimate moment with Wanda. While you may discount this as a dream sequence, the infinity stone does allow him to alter his form (demonstrated in the comics, and previously in the films). Whatever the case, it’s a bit foreboding, as it’s clear Vision will be suffering a great deal of trauma as Thanos goes after the stone which gives him life.

Dr. Banner in Wakanda (and in a Hulkbuster?)

We get a couple shots of the gamma-radiated scientist, clearly in the country of Wakanda, Black Panther’s home and kingdom. What’s more interesting is that we see him with the arm of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor, previously used to keep him in check. There is no indication, however, that Tony Stark is around to use it (and we clearly see it in action later). Could a non-Hulk Bruce be joining the fray in the loaned suit?

Tony’s old tech

It’s a quick shot, but we see Tony Stark holding an old-school clamshell cellphone. Considering his proclivity for the latest tech, there’s little doubt that this is the phone mailed to him by Captain America at the end of his last film. It’s not secret that the First Avenger is back (we see a lot of him after this), but is it Tony that calls him back in? It would be a great moment of reconciliation.

Spidey sense!

For the first time, we get a look at what is undeniably Peter Parker’s Spider Sense, a famous aspect of his powers that has yet to be mentioned in his previous appearances and films. We could be seeing an evolution of Spider-Man’s powers as his story progresses, which has some interesting implications. Previous incarnations of the web-slinger have had some interesting mutations, involving extra limbs, extra eyes, and even giving birth to himself (comics are weird, guys).

Loki and the Tesseract

It looks like the God of Mischief has his hands back on an infinity stone, and is giving it away. Considering he spent the last film saving his people best he could, this might not be the usual power-play, giving it to Thanos in exchange. Perhaps it’s a bid to save the remainder of the Asgardians?

The Iron-Spider

While we only saw the suit briefly at the end of the last Spider-film, the suit is now in action! It’s arguably one of the coolest versions of Spider-Man in his long history. If we’re sourcing from the comics, however, there’s something missing. Well, four things actually. The Iron-Spider suit has always had four extra limbs for the web-crawler to use. Will we be seeing those as well?

The Children of Thanos

There’s a very quick moment, with someone throwing a spear at a shadowed figure (Cap, perhaps?). Judging by the costume design, that’s very likely to be Proxima Midnight, one of the Children of Thanos. In the comics, there are four of them, though there are two extra “children” already mentioned (Gamora and Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy). These are the legendary warriors who fight for Thanos, and a bad thing for the heroes if they’re around.

A lot of arms

Speaking of arms, there’s a few shots of an alien army with four arms each. There’s a few options for the comics as to what this race is, but all of them would be interesting!

Bucky’s armed, Cap is not

Man, there’s a lot of arms in this one! Bucky apparently has his arm back, and is fighting alongside the armies of Wakanda. If Thanos is attacking there, there’s a good chance one of the remaining unaccounted for infinity stones is hidden somewhere in the mythical hidden country. Also of note is a shieldless Captain America, leading much of the team in to battle. He is, however, rocking some pretty intense gauntlets, most likely of Wakandan design. In the comics, Cap briefly has a tech-heavy projected shield, could that be what we’re seeing? Or, also following the comics, will Bucky take up the mantle of the star-spangled hero?

Hooked on a Feeling

Oh yeah, and the Guardians are here, hanging out with the God of Thunder! It looks like we’ll be getting a solid dose of teenage Groot as well. Ooga Chacka!

Did we miss anything important? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!