Smokejumpers Grill Reimagines Menu at Disney California Adventure Park

Smokejumpers Grill in Disney California Adventure Park has an exciting new menu! The quick-service location have added new sides, desserts, and even new vegetarian options!

The first big overhaul on the menu was the burgers! The bacon cheeseburger now has American cheese, and an all new sauce; and the Campfire Chili Cheeseburger now has Jack cheese and a black-bean chili. On top of that, you can order the chili as a stand-alone option that comes with a cornbread muffin and cilantro cream.

The new Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich adds and all-new spicy option that the menu has lacked in previous incarnations! For salad, there is a brand new Grilled Chicken Salad with avocado dressing and cornbread croutons, among many more toppings!

For vegetarians, the most exciting addition may be the BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich! This offering has Bear Paw slaw, sweet pickles and crispy onions! This dish is not only delicious, but completely meatless! The sandwich also comes with your choice of onion rings or waffle-cut fries. Along with this waffle-cut fries are now a side option for any entree!

And finally top off your meal with some brand new desserts! The all-new S’more makes you feel like you’re truly camping, and comes with a warm brownie and torched marshmallows, all sandwiched between two graham crackers. Another new offering is the Cobbler Milkshake, a creamy vanilla shake with a scoop of cobbler on top! Smokejumpers Grill will continue to offer the traditional chocolate and vanilla milkshakes.

Check out all the new offerings, and let us know what you think!