Loki, Clarabelle, & Soundsational – Disneyland Update 11/6/17 & Sundays With DAPs

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It’s time for Disneyland updates again!  Even though this week is the transition week between Halloween and Christmas there’s a lot that was added on the weekend that is enhancing the parks already.  But, also one thing that is leaving for a time.

Holiday Transition

Like I said, there are transitions of decorations throughout the park.  The castle has snow on it.  The horn of plenty by Luigi’s is now full of Christmas decorations.  Several of the Festival of Holidays food booths are up throughout Disney California Adventure.  It’s almost time for the holidays!

Ink & Paint

On Saturday, Mindy Johnson along with some of the veteran Ink and Paint department women were on hand at Disneyana to sign copies of the book, Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation.  They were great to talk to about thoughts on animation, their experience, and some of the fun they had.  They all loved being part of the process of the animated films and kept noting how they liked working with the 9 Old Men, and even a couple were able to work with Pixar folk before there was Pixar.  Gretchen Albrecht, Patty Peraza, and Jane Baer were the veterans that accompanied Johnson.

Thor & Loki

At Disney California Adventure, Thor and Loki have taken up residence at the Backlot Stage in Hollywoodland.  The duo appears on stage in a 2 minute show before posing with guests for photos and signing autographs.  The backdrop is located next to the stage.

So far, their hours start at 1:30 pm.  Lines start forming some minutes before it, so best if you get there before then if you want some photos with the Asgardian brothers.  It’s a nice feature in the back of Hollywoodland, especially having a fun introduction.


Over on Buena Vista Street is a new looking Clarabelle for meet and greets.  She has been next to Trolley Treats, and Clarabelle’s Ice Cream.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The newer look for the classic character is wonderful.  Her presence alone adds a nostalgic atmosphere.  With having Oswald at the entrance, this part of DCA is truly a classic one now.

Dapper Day

Over the weekend was the twice annual Dapper Day.  Saturday had some people roaming the parks, but Sunday was the time that many came out to visit both sides in their attire.  Many were Disney related outfits, but some just had great suits and dresses.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade

Soundsational had its last day at least for 2017 on Sunday.  Disneyland hasn’t officially said the parade is done, but the Christmas parade starts at the end of the week and will run the rest of the year.  Pixar Play Parade will move over to Disneyland in the Spring time.  It hasn’t been scheduled in between those times, so unknown if and when it’ll return.

So, these are some photos of its last run of 2017.  If it is the last time, it is such a fun and whimsical parade.  The soundtrack is one of my favorite parade soundtracks.  And, there were some definite favorite floats for me.  It was something I enjoyed watching again and again.  I look forward to what is next, besides the Pixar Play Parade.  But, Soundsational will be missed too.

And that wraps up this last week of updates.  This coming weekend is the last Disneyland half marathon weekend for at least a year.  We’ll have some photos and updates of it.


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