How to Save Money at the Disneyland Resort During the Holiday Season

How to Save Money at the Disneyland Resort During the Holiday Season

The holidays could easily be considered the most expensive time of year, and Disneyland is no exception! Everything is festive and exciting, and it is very easy to get wrapped up in it all! Here are our top tips for not breaking the bank at the resort this year!

  1. Get Gifts Before You Go It is much easier to take on the Disneyland Resort when all of your holiday shopping is already taken care of. If you already have gifts for everyone in your life, you’ll be much less tempted to start shopping for loved ones in the park.
  2. Use the Shop Disney Parks App Say you have a gift in mind for someone at the parks, but aren’t sure where to find it. Plug your search into the Shop Disney Parks app and it will give you exactly where to find it in a shop! This helps you spend less time wandering through stores and gives you less opportunities to be drawn in!
  3. Consider Food Wisely Sometimes spending food in the park can be pricy, but holiday offerings can become even more expensive. Consider how much food you’re getting for the price point at Festival of Holidays, and if you’re an Annual Passholder, consider the Sip and Savor Pass.
  4. Make Your Own Holiday Accessories The Disneyland Resort always brings out the cutest and most festive ears and other accessories when it comes to the holidays! When you feel like being in the festive spirit, but don’t care for spending the money on new ears, consider making your own! You can frequently buy all the supplies for much less expensive than a new pair in the parks, and you’ll end up with a unique pair for yourself! Check out a tutorial here.
  5. Set a Budget Before You Go It may not be the most fun option, but set a strict budget with yourself before you ever step foot in the park. This gives you an idea of what you can and can’t splurge on from the start, and it’s much easier to plan a budget without all the holiday goodies in front of you.

Have any tips that we missed? Let us know!


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