Welcome to GEEKS CORNER! This week there is a lot to cover, especially from around the Disneyland Resort. Coco now has a sneak peek that can be experienced at A Bug’s Life Theater in Disney California Adventure. The geeks talk about their experience with it and their hopes for the movie. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade said goodbye on Sunday night. The geeks talk about the parade going away and the future it may or may not have at the Disneyland Resort. Thor and Loki are now at the Disneyland Resort. They come as Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters. Both are discussed. This coming weekend the Disneyland Resort will begin celebrating the holidays. The geeks talk about their favorite things that happen during the holidays at the Disneyland Resort. Finally, the cast of The Lion King has been announced. The geeks talk about their favorite parts of this cast. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of GEEKS CORNER!

Let’s go to the corner!

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