With Halloween a little over a week away, it’s possible you may not have a costume planned out yet. I’m here to give you a few tips to help you put together a last minute costume, which may resemble more of a Disney Bound. I don’t particularly like to spend money on costumes, as I’ll probably never wear it again. With that in mind, in the past, I have put together pieces to create a bound or a budget-friendly costume. It is completely possible to to piece together a fun, Disney costume without breaking the bank. Here are just a few ideas from things I have done over the years.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

This is an incredibly easy costume to do! Even easier now that they sell Oswald Ears in the parks. To put this costume together, I wore a long sleeve black shirt, black tights (leggings or sweats would work too!), and then blue shorts. I did this costume before you could buy Oswald ears and long before he was in the parks, so I made the ears myself. Now, it’s a little bit easier to complete the costume with what you can buy in the park.

Ariel in Mermaid Form

This costume is more of a Disney Bound, and it was cold, so please excuse the sweater and boots. Ariel is easy as you can do a purple top and green bottoms. The outfit in total probably cost $10, and I wore the Ariel parks ear hat as it was a cute accessory. You could add a shell necklace or purse to pull together the look. If you want to go the extra mile, you could dye your hair red. That might be a little excessive though.


Kiss the Girl Ariel

This costume was also very easy to put together. To simplify it, I used a short sleeve white shirt underneath a strapless black top. I couldn’t find a skirt quite the blue I was looking for, so one of my very talented friends sewed me a simple skirt in the right color. To finish it off, I but a blue bow in the back of my hair. I was able to purchase almost all of these pieces for each costume for under $10. It’s completely doable to pull something together last minute for cheap, and with pieces you can use often! It’s fun to search for elements of Disney Bounds/costumes, as the possibilities are endless!

Captain America USO Girl

This is probably my most favorite costume I’ve ever done in my life! Now, my insanely talented friend who made me the blue “Kiss the Girl” skirt, made this dress. If you are a great seamstress or knows someone who is, this could be pulled off in a week. Now, my friend helped me pick out the dress pattern, fabric, and then created the entire thing! I mean, I helped out some, but I really couldn’t have done it myself. We even sewed in pockets! Captain America was impressed with the dress as well! This took a little more time than the others, but the work was worth it in the end. It actually cost around the same as other store bought costumes thanks to fabric coupons!

This year, I won’t disclose what my costume is, but I did find my dress on Amazon, as well as my shoes. I got some fabric paint and pieces to create a headband. All of it is DIY and I can complete it just in time for Halloween!

What is your costume for this year?

Until next time,