Knott’s Scary Farm 2017… Where Nightmares Never End!

Noticing that chill in the air? Fall is upon us, which means Knott’s Scary Farm is back! Myself and some of the DAPs Magic crew got to sample the terrifying delights from this year’s haunt at the famous berry farm.

To give you a bit of anticipation for your own visit (and if you like spooky goodness, you’ll really want to make a point of going), here’s a few of the highlights from around the farm

The Scare Zones

Nothing’s more frightening than the unexpected, and the Knott’s Scary Farm Scare Zones deliver in making you feel wonderfully on-edge! Themed to specific areas of the park, we encountered all manner of frightening performers. Our group had some great interactions in the Fiesta De Los Muertos area, ranging from the traditional jump scare to the insidiously creepy stare down. Our hats are off to the dedicated scarers, they really helped turn the whole evening in to an experience!

The Mazes

I was extremely impressed by the massive work that went in to these haunted walkthroughs. Each maze, from the twistedly country Red Bard to the visceral Pumpkin Eater, was uniquely themed, and offered much more than the traditional “haunted house” experience. I highly recommend the Paranormal Inc. and Trick or Treat mazes, both offered wonderfully unexpected twists. Also, it’s worth a run trough or two on Special Ops: Infected. We got to take back control through a highly interactive experience, great for a bit of empowerment after a long evening of frights.

The Shows

While much of the entertainment of Knott’s Scary Farm is a bit more on the unplanned side, there are some great stage shows worth setting aside time for!

First, there’s the Scary Farm tradition of the Hanging; a bawdy, over-the-top recap of best and worst bits of the year. As a warning, this show is on the crude side, but I found it highly entertaining. No one was safe, whether political, social, or celebrity in nature. There were even a few not-so-subtle burns on the local competition!

Then there was the show featuring the Mistress of the Dark herself: Elvira! The crowned queen of Halloween offered a spectacular spectacle of song and dance, with an impressive amount of special effects to boot. Again, this may not be an all-ages show, but I felt the risqué tone was tempered well and highly entertaining.

To both shows, very well done!

The Park Itself

It’s worth mentioning the benefit of Knott’s Scary Farm, totally separate from the clowns and carnage. There’s an expansive park, packed with thrilling rides, seasonal treats, and delightful atmosphere, all readily available.

While exploring, we rarely saw waits for rides above 10-15 minutes. That includes all of the big-hitter coasters! By all means, enjoy the Halloween mayhem, but take advantage of a ride or three. It’s the perfect way to perk back up between mazes and shows.

…where nightmares never end

The DAPs Magic team and I had a fantastic time at Knott’s Scary Farm, and highly recommend any spook-seekers to take advantage of this seasonal offering. There are still plenty of days to attend between now and Halloween, so stop by the Knott’s Scary Farm page to learn more!


Here are just a few of the sights from Knott’s Scary Farm we captured throughout the evening. Our thanks to the Knott’s Berry Farm Media Relations team for sharing the fun!

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