Planning on joining in on the Halloween fun at Disneyland this year, whether during the day, or at the separately-ticketed Halloween parties? Good! The resort really knows how to scare up some good fun.

If you’ve never been before, or are just looking to make the best out of your spooktacularly good time, here are some DO’s and DON’Ts for the Disney Halloween festivities!

The details alone are worth the trip!

DO Take It All In

With both parks at the resort taking part in the fun, there’s a ton to see! Be sure to take the time to appreciate all the little details, from the Headless Horseman statue on Buena Vista Street, to the Mickey Pumpkin on Main Street!

And there’s lots of little, easy-to-miss details as well. Hidden at the Cozy Cone in Cars Land is a clever little Psycho reference, and the posters along Route 66 hide even more referential fun.

DON’T Go In Unprepared

With the separate Halloween events taking place on select evenings, be sure to check park hours ahead of time (especially if you’re coming with a normal park ticket). If you are coming on a party day, and are not attending it, be sure to come as early as you can manage to enjoy your time, and to hit the most important stops first!

DO Dress To Impress

If you’re attending a party, be sure to take advantage of the rare lift in costuming policy, especially for you adults! Half the fun of attending these events is seeing all of the wonderful, creative people dressed in their absolute best. Take the opportunity to get innovative as well, and wear something reflecting your personal geekery or joy. From Doctor Who to Pokémon, Star Trek to the Disney classics, have fun having fun with it!

DON’T Dress Down

Stylish Insta-duo @hayleythehatter and @tylerepperson show off a Possible costuming choice!

While the option to costume is open, there are a few things Disneyland can’t allow, for obvious safety reasons. Anything that obscures the face, like a mask or excessive eye covering, won’t be allowed. Also, anything that could even accidentally cause harm to yourself or your fellow guests. While things like lightsabers are permitted, a giant, metal sword will be right out. For a closer look at the ins and outs of Disneyland party costuming, be sure to click here.

DO Bring Your Own Bag

I cannot stress this one enough: Disney parties hook you up. Dentists should be writing them thank-you notes for the amount of candy they shower you with! While small bags are provided, they can and will be full after just a couple treat trails.

Consider incorporating your bag in to your costume! I found a backpack to be an extremely successful candy-transport, and it fit perfectly with my Pokémon Trainer attire.

DON’T Let Sugar Ruin Your Night

It’s awfully tempting to gorge yourself on the sweets as you receive them, but you need to spook smart! Taking in that much sugar can really trash your night, and leave you candy-wasted way before the party’s over. By all means, graze, but make that stockpile last.

There’s also some great healthier options along the trails, like carrots, apples, and baked chips. Take advantage, and use them to help fuel you onward!

DO Stay ‘til The End

If it is at all possible, stay all the way through until the end of the night. The already-light crowds will die out even more, and you’ll be able to line up some of the best moments of your evening. Hop on the busiest attractions with little to no wait. Hit treat trail after treat trail, and get some weight in your bag. Enjoy the magical spookiness of a nearly-empty park. I cannot recommend highly enough closing out the party to get the absolute most out of it!

Happy Haul-o-ween!

DON’T Forget Your Patience

With all of the fall fun around the parks, it’s no wonder that the crowds will come in droves to join in! Please remember that everyone around you is there to have a great time as well, and the amazing Cast Members are doing everything in their power to help you have a safe and fun time. If a wait time is long, consider other options, or accept that the wait is worth it. If an issue beyond anyone’s control happens (like a fastpass system not working or a ride going down), take a deep breath, and roll with it on to another adventure. Often, the only person that can make you have a bad time is yourself.

And while you’re at it, be sure to thank the Cast Members you encounter, especially those going out of their way to help you have a great time. They’re working hard and staying late to make sure you have a frightfully fun experience. Consider it one more “treat” to find. Remember the name, time, and location where that Cast Member was, and stop by City Hall (Disneyland) or Chamber of Commerce (California Adventure) later in your Disney day to compliment them. Word will get back to them, giving them a treat to enjoy as well!

Have your own Halloween tips? Be sure to comment them below!

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