Welcome to Geeks Corner! This week, there is a LOT of Star Wars to talk about. Star Wars: Episode IX has lost Colin Trevorrow as its director. Star Wars Force Friday II was this last weekend and a lot of cool things came out, including PORGS! The geeks geek out about the Porgs and show off some new friends. Star Wars Rebels has a new trailer and the geeks discuss it. Shia LeBeouf will not be in Indiana Jones 5. What do you think about this news? Kermit the Frog and The Muppets are taking the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. Some of the geeks will be there. Will you? What song of theirs do you most want to hear them do? Finally, Caitie covered a very special event this last weekend to help the hungry. Hear about it on this week’s episode of Geeks Corner!

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