Obi-Wan, Dumbo, Christopher Robin and Theme Parks - Great Moments with Mr. DAPs

Obi-Wan, Dumbo, Christopher Robin, and Theme Parks! – Great Moments with Mr. DAPs

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Welcome to another week of Great Moments with Mr. DAPs. This week there is a lot of movie and theme park news to cover. In the world of movies Obi-Wan Kenobi appears to be getting his own Star Wars stand-alone movie. Christopher Robin’s cast is beginning to really take form. Alan Arkin has also joined the cast for the live-action Dumbo movie. This is a movie being directed by Tim Burton. Over in the theme park arena, Halloween is coming to the Disneyland Resort. Caitlyn shares some of the awesome merchandise being released. This week Knott’s Berry Farm announced a new roller coaster, HangTime! What do you think of it? Finally, ROCK4CHOC made its debut this last week and raised several thousand dollars for CHOC Walk in the Park. This coming week on August 27th Team DAPs Magic will be walking in the park to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Orange County. You can support or join Team DAPs Magic at

Posts covered in this week’s Great Moments with Mr. DAPs:

See you in the parks!