Mark Twain and Columbia Reopen to Take Guests on Voyage Along Rivers of America

Disneyland has reopened classic attractions on July 29, 2017, including the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Reopened Steamship and Rivers

Mark Twain and other attractions were closed for over a year in order to prepare for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The Rivers of America closed in January of 2016 to be reopened now.
The dock and boat itself have been hardly changed, with mostly retouching. The rest of the river has new life in some parts of it.
Upon leaving the Frontierland dock, the ride seems like the original, save for a new narration spiel. One element of that spiel has remained the same: the depth callings.

As travelers head toward New Orleans Square, music from The Princess and the Frog plays, and the usual sights and sounds of both the Haunted Mansion area and Splash Mountain are to be heard. After Splash Mountain, things start to change.
Hungry Bear Restaurant has new pathways that connect more of Critter Country to it. Past that the Rivers of America start to look like the real frontier. New rock work line the riverbanks. The new Disneyland Railroad bridge and trestle are big sights to behold.
From the waterway, it’s easily seen that the train may be in some danger thanks to some beavers.

On the opposite banks is Mike Fink’s boat and cabin. This new addition is actually an homage to an old feature of the park, and an attraction: the Mike Fink Keelboats.

As the journey continues the other side has an Indian village with storyteller, and families setting up their humble community.
Animals appear both in the water and right by the banks. They sit among trees and small hills. It makes for an even more wilderness feel.

Columbia Adventures

The Columbia looks pristine and sails with full crew again.  It still gives that unique perspective along the Rivers that the Mark Twain doesn’t.  The reason is the one upper deck.

Below the deck has some of the great detail that makes this a museum on water.  It wonderfully features life as sailors would have had.

And, yes, the cannon fires again at the shores of Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Frontier Alive

The new Rivers of America makes for a majestic travel now. The new area is gorgeous and makes it feel like a true frontier. It’s great to see the train in full view now whenever it passes. Though there are less trees along the back of the river, it makes it more rugged and sets up that this is finally a different river than when leaving the dock.

Below are video of a ride through and photos. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of the reopened attraction!

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