Adventureland Changes & Independence Day – Disneyland Update & Sundays With DAPs

Independence Day is here, and Disneyland had a few things to celebrate the US holiday this weekend.

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Disney’s Celebrate America

Disneyland has a special fireworks spectacular to celebrate the holiday.  It’s usually shown a few days leading up to the holiday, and this year was no exception.  Winds have been a factor and delayed the fireworks Sunday.  Hopefully that trend won’t continue or there may be no fireworks on the Fourth of July itself.

A great place to watch the fireworks away from the crowded castle viewing is over at Rivers of America.  Not only is it a great setting for an American fireworks display, but there aren’t as many people there.  Mist projections illustrate the fireworks like what you would have over at Sleeping Beauty Castle.  And, you can still see all the fireworks.

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Adventureland Changes

Some of the big news from this last week was the opening of the Bengal Barbecue new seating area.  This alcove was home to South Seas Traders previously.  Tropical Imports sits right beside it nestled inside the seating area.

Shrunken Ned, an infamous fun machine is still inside the area.  There was concern that he would not be, but he is still there giving advice for a price.

Overall, the inside of Bengal Barbecue has wonderful decor.  Having more seats added to the park is a great thing, especially as weather heats up for the summer.  It’s a great shady spot away from crowds, and helps bring people over to the overlooked eatery.  And now Adventureland is more open to accommodate foot traffic.

For more details on the changes to Adventureland, check out the post here.

We Wants the Redhead

Of course the biggest news story this last week was Disney Parks Blog announcing a big change to the auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.  It’ll happen in 2018, so there are some chances to see it as it’s been for 50 years for now.

Here’s a post on what will change.

That’s it for now!  We’ll be back next week with more from the parks!


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