First Inhumans Trailer from Marvel and ABC Premieres

Marvel and ABC have premiered the first trailer for the upcoming Inhumans series.

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The Trailer

The preview basically sets up what the show will be.  There is treason in the court of the Inhumans and a few are teleported to Earth.  Having just been in space for a long time it seems the Inhumans do not know how to function there.


But, not much is revealed by the teaser.  There aren’t a lot of character names given or motivations of characters.  But, if you’re familiar with the comics a lot of it will make sense.

The king in the trailer and show is Black Bolt.  The reason that he’s silent is that if he utters any sound from his mouth it can level a skyscraper.  That’s his Inhuman power.  So, he rules silently.  Maximus is his brother and in the comics is even known as Mad Maximus.  He is an evil guy that has plagued the good Inhumans and others throughout Marvel history.

The giant dog that is seen is Lockjaw.  He teleports.  And he’s a dog.

Other Inhumans seen are Gorgon – the earthquake type guy, Crystal – who manipulates elements and was married to Quicksilver in the comics, and Medusa – who has prehensile hair.

Does it Look Good?

Marvel and ABC are really hyping the IMAX presentation of the pilot movie.  Will it be a worthy viewing on there?  The sets look huge and lavish.  There is some epicness to it all.  I’ll probably see it in IMAX.  But, overall the series looks interesting and cautious.

I was expecting a Marvel Game of Thrones type series, but it looks a bit “fish out of water” plot.  I feel like we’ve seen that a lot, so hopefully it’s something else.

But, this will have a lot of super powers happening all around.  It’s something we haven’t seen a lot of in Marvel television series so far.  This alone might make it a change from what we normally see.

It’s certainly worth a watching.  And the premier won’t be until September, so stay tuned for more previews that should pop up!

What do you think about this show and the trailer?  Let us know in the comments!


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