Mr. DAPs on Dapper Day at DisneylandIt is awesome to be a geek, especially a Disney geek. At DAPS MAGIC, we strive to create a positive and safe environment that celebrates the love of Disney and geekdom.

DAPS MAGIC provides news, resources, and most importantly community for Disney geeks. Together we create a positive place where we can unabashedly be our geeky selves, without fear of being teased, put down, or criticized.

It’s Good to Be a Geek

We believe that you are awesome. We don’t care what you look like or how geeky you are. We recognize that geeks come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and personality types. That’s a great thing! Different people will have different things that they are geeky about. This is also a great thing! Those differences are something to be embraced and not discouraged. Geeks are awesome and so are you.

The Joy of Disney

Walt Disney hoped that Disneyland was to be, “a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” We believe that Disneyland and Disney in general SHOULD be a place of happiness, and it is. DAPs Magic recognizes that Disney continues to be a major source of joy. Just like a water fountain, if one doesn’t choose to drink from the water source then they will continue to be thirsty. As Disney geeks, its up to the fans to tap into that source of joy and enjoy it!


One of the benefits of a shared love of Disney and geekdom is the discover of new friends. Things that are loved are best shared with others. The community that DAPs Magic encourages is one of respect, kindness; where everyone is built up. Friendships built in this way last a lifetime. They become so much deeper than just a Disney and geek affinity. Life is done together through the highs and the lows. It becomes so much more enriched when there are like minds to share it with, whether the focus is Disney, geekiness, or beyond.


The world can always use more positivity. There is a lot to be positive about, especially in the world of Disney and geekdom. There is always a choice in every situation: positivity or negativity. DAPs Magic chooses to view things in a positive light. This isn’t always the easiest choice. It is the choice that leads to a more vibrant and happy lifestyle though. Positivity doesn’t mean perfection. It does mean choosing to look at things in the best way possible.


Well, I think by this time my staff are convinced that Walt is right. That quality will win out. And so I think they’re going to stay with that policy because it’s proved that it’s a good business policy. Give the people everything you can give them. Keep the place as clean as you can keep it. Keep it friendly, you know. Make it a real fun place to be. I think they’re convinced and I think they’ll hang on after… as you say… well… after Disney.”  – Walt Disney

Walt Disney had it right: quality is incredibly important. DAPs Magic doesn’t have the resources of a company like The Walt Disney Company. However, there is the belief that quality is incredibly important. We do strive to do, and be the best we can with what we’ve got. We want the content to be informative and compelling, the people awesome, the videos to be seen and heard easily, and the website to deliver all of this effectively. We focus not on, “good enough” but instead making things, “geektastic!” Yes, we go for geek. Are you surprised? We believe that this level of quality creates not only something that people want to return to but also helps us build relationship with our readers and viewers. People will know that we not going anywhere, and we will continue to strive to make things better!


DAPs Magic is now steaming into its second decade on the internet, carrying on with the same beliefs today as it did in 2004 when the site was founded: It is awesome to be a geek, especially a Disney geek. We want to celebrate that awesomeness, and we want to celebrate it with you.



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