Unique Vintage Releases Star Wars Collection Into A Galaxy Not So Far Away

Yesterday, Unique Vintage released their Star Wars collection, and as they said in their announcement e-mail, yes, these are the clothes you’re looking for.

The collection in their online shop contains accesories, outfit pieces, and even mugs for your blue milk. While most of the collection is Unique Vintage originals, there are some pieces from other brands, such as the shoes from Irregular Choice, or the bags from Loungefly.

What I really love about this line is that while there are items you can dress up, such as the shoes or the R2-D2 crop top, it is mostly casual pieces that can be worn by the Star Wars lover that wants to add some geekiness to their closet.

My personal favorites of the set are the Millenium Falcon skater dress and the Princess Leia Rebel shirt. Both of these are just the right amount of geeky without being too over the top and fit in with my personal style.

You can check out the Unique Vintage Star Wars collection here. Are you excited about this collaboration? Which piece are you most looking forward to getting your hands on?

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