Traci Hines & Nick Pitera - Beauty and the Beast

YouTubers Traci Hines and Nick Pitera Release Beauty and the Beast Cover

Beauty and the Beast is well on its way to becoming a big hit for the Walt Disney Company. This live-action recreation of the original animated classic is warming hearts around the globe, including our own DC Sarah’s (read her review here!). One of the big things that makes this movie so magical is the musical. With songs by Alan Menken, the music of Beauty and the Beast is just as important as the characters in this story. Two YouTubers shared their love of the title song by making their own music video of Beauty and the Beast.

Traci Hines (known for her mermaid personality, singing, and Adorkable Apparel) partnered with Nick Pitera (One Man Disney Movie and both parts of A Whole New World) to perform this beautiful tune. The costumes in this video are exquisite. The filming and locations recreate the look and feel of the original. The performance itself is lovely. All together this really is a beautiful recreation of one of Disney’s most beloved songs.

Watch the video here:

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What do you think of this cover of Beauty and the Beast? What did you think of the new movie?


Here’s a behind the scenes look at this Beauty and the Beast cover:

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