Disney Increases Stake in Euro Disney

The Walt Disney Company has increased its stake in Euro Disney. If the proposed transaction happens as planned, the Walt Disney Company’s interest in Euro Disney will go from 76.7 percent to 85.7 percent.

The transaction price would be 2 euros per share and be paid in shares of Disney  common stock. The intention would also be to make a cash tender offer for all remaining outstanding share of Euro Disney, also at 2 euros per share. Disney has also informed Euro Disney that it intends to to invest up to 1.5 billion euros in Euro Disney’s company. At this point Euro Disney’s supervisory board is expressing support for all of these proposals. There will be an audit done on this proposal to come up with an opinion on this proposal.

This continues Disney’s trend of adding more support to Disneyland Paris. Euro Disney is the holding company for Euro Disney Associates. This is the main operating company for Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris includes Disneyland Park, the Walt Disney Studios Park, hotels, and the Disney  Village. Euro Disney shares are listed and traded on Euronext Paris.

Do you think it is wise for Disney to continue and deepen its investment in Disneyland Paris?


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