More Beauty and the Beast Experiences at Disneyland

Disney Parks Blog has announced some new experiences to celebrate the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film. Already in place is Fantasy Faire’s telling of the tale as old as time. Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones sings, dances, and invites Belle to join them in their narration.

Right beside Fantasy Faire is Maurice’s treats which has had some great bread twists and frozen drinks. Now special dipping sauces, including marinara, strawberry, and “Grey Stuff” will be available for purchase.

Gaston has made a few appearances around the park, but he will be even more present as the movie gets closer to premiering. It sounds like he will not be in one spot but venturing around Fantasyland and will, of course, pose for pictures.

Royal Reception is a new pop up shop open now and featuring both live action and animated Beauty and the Beast merchandise to purchase. The shop is located in the old Anna and Elsa meet and greet. Though a bit on the small side, it’s full of great exclusive merchandise, such as Twinings tea. We do have some glimpses into the shop here and here.

Next to that shop is Village Haus which will be transformed into Red Rose Taverne. The atmosphere will have decor of murals and draperies depicting the film. Each of the dining rooms will have different parts of the story depicted. The menu will also have a twist with more French type cuisine,  including special beverages and the exclusive “Grey Stuff” mentioned in the Be Our Guest song.

In addition to all these offerings at Fantasyland in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure has a preview of the film in the Sunset Showcase Theater. All of this makes it a season of celebration for one of the most classic tales of the Disney library, and all for a limited time.


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