New Cars 3 Teasers Reveal New Characters

Disney and Pixar have released some new teasers for the upcoming Cars 3 film.  We’ve seen the main drive (no pun intended) of the plot in the previous trailer and that it is centered around Lightning McQueen again.  But, we haven’t seen who else will be introduced in this new movie.  Now there is a teaser that shows off a couple of the newcomers to the franchise.

Jackson Storm is a new racer that is outfitted with new stylings which will be comparable to Lightning’s aging look.  Cruz Ramirez is another new sleek car that also seems to sport a Rusteze brand stamp, which is Lightning’s original sponsor.  In addition to these cars we get a look at how Lightning is now.  He looks roughly the same, but now there is some comparison to his look and to the new cars.  The theme music for each even shows this off.

There is not a lot to go by in this teaser, but it still provides more set up for the seemingly deep film.  We already know something devastating is happening to McQueen.  Now we see some possibilities of why.  He may not be keeping up with all the new cars.  And you have to wonder about Rusteze loyalty to him when there’s a slick vehicle sporting the emblem too.

The cars look great in rendering.  And I think the direction with simpler, but stylish cars will emphasize the difference in age between Lightning and the new characters.  There’s still not a lot known about the new movie, but it will be premiering on June 16, 2017.  We have a little more information here, but we have yet to see more from Disney and Pixar as far as information and scenes from the film.  Keep checking back to the site as we keep up with the news!  And below is the teaser for your enjoyment!



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