Lunar New Year in the Rain – Sundays With DAPs Disneyland Update

This weekend has been a very wet one for Southern California, which has been much needed, but becomes a struggle to view the entertainment offerings at the Disneyland Resort.  Still, there have been a couple of nights for the Main Street Electrical Parade and the new preshow for World of Color that celebrates Lunar New Year.

The Lunar New Year offers some great food and great entertainment, though when we visited this last Sunday the rain kept the entertainment away.  We were able to sample some of the great delicacies that is part of the festival.  Dumplings make up a few of the items, both a pork and kimchee variety.  The kimchee version is spicy, so beware.  But, it’s also very tasty.  The pork came in three small, bite sized pieces that could be dipped in a sauce.  Sticky rice came wrapped in traditional leaves that peel away to the warm dish.  A jelly macaron is a great dessert to try, and is a hefty size for a tapas style treat.

The decorations for the Lunar New Year festival has expanded out toward the Little Mermaid attraction.  It shows off just how expanded this event has gotten.  Area music reflects this throughout Paradise Pier as well.  It’s a great thing to visit during this time at the parks!  And the Hurry Home preshow is a great addition to the park that I hope returns again next year.

After braving the rain to eat all the festival treats, we ventured through the parks for both photos and rides.  The rain is always a great time to do both, as the weather tends to keep crowds away which makes lines much shorter.  Cast members were very kind and accommodating during this time as well.  One thing to warn, Silly Symphony Swings does operate in light rain, but you will get soaked.  You can probably guess how I know that.

Below are some of our rainy day photos to enjoy, and we will return for more Sundays With DAPs next time!

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