Goodbye Carrie - Geeks Corner - Episode 613

Goodbye Carrie – Geeks Corner – Episode 613

Welcome to Geeks Corner. This week is a rough week in the world of the geek. Star Wars star Carrie Fisher has died at the age of 60. Princess Leia herself has become one with the Force and the geeks of course have to discuss this tragic turn of events. She died after a massive heart attack last week when she was flying back to Los Angeles from London. She led a very full life full of ups and downs and leaves behind an incredible legacy. What do you think Carrie Fisher’s greatest legacy is? What is your favorite Princess Leia moment? What role outside of Star Wars of hers do you like the best? She lived such a full life and it is difficult to not dedicate this show to her.

The geeks also talk about the biggest geek story of 2016. What do you think it was? Finally, Christmas just went around the corner and the geeks talk about some of their geekiest Christmas presents. Did you get any? Let us know what you got in the comments section below. We hope you had a very happy Christmas and we wish you the best New Year!

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