Will Ezra Bridger Become Snoke? – A Star Wars Theory

Star Wars Rebels Season 2It’s been almost a year since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in theaters.  Before the movie became a phenomenon, Star Wars: Rebels was released on Disney XD.  Now in its third season the beginning of the rebellion keeps tying into the greater Star Wars universe.  But, there hasn’t really been anything to link the series to the newest Star Wars saga film.  There has been good reason.  Rebels takes place many years before Force Awakens.  With it drawing closer to Episode 4, is there anything that can tie it to the mysteries in Episode 7?  Here’s a theory I have….

Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels will become Supreme Leader Snoke.  What leads me to believe this?  I’ll get to that in a bit.  But, first, a little explanation of characters and show for those not familiar with Rebels (and if you’re reading this, why not?  It’s a great Star Wars show!)

Ezra Bridger is a Jedi in training, an apprentice, in the time of almost no Jedi’s in existence.  The show is a few years before Episode 4.  In its course we’ve met young Leia.  Lando has made a couple of appearances.  And even Darth Vader has graced us with his intimidating presence.

star-wars-force-awakens-snoke-leaderBack to Ezra, though.  He was picked up by a group that helps start the rebellion.  He’s an orphan that exhibited some force abilities.  Within the group that finds him is one of the last padawans: Kanan Jarrus.  Kanan begins training Ezra, and even becomes a full fledged Jedi Knight in the process.  Why not before?  Because he escaped during the attempt to wipe out all Jedi.  He was a child and an apprentice at the time, so he never finished his training.  So, this small group of rebels are trying to stop the Empire and both Kanan and Ezra grow in the ways of the force during the time.

Along the way they meet Ahsoka and Darth Maul, though just called Maul now.  These two are important figures because they both have left their former allegiances.  Ahsoka is not a formal Jedi Knight any longer.  Maul is not a Sith Lord.  They both are strong in the force, and lean towards their former respective sides.  But, they are not exactly part of the greater communities.  This will be important later on.

So, now, why would Ezra become Snoke?

First of all, the fact that there are existing Jedi and Sith that were before Episode 4 brings some raised eyebrows.  For much of the original trilogy, Luke was said to be the last of the Jedi.  It’s still possible that both Kanan and Ezra are wiped out before even the events of the upcoming Rogue One.  But, let’s say they remain alive, or even just Ezra remains alive…

Ezra has been seen to be tempted by the Dark Side of the Force quite a few times in the Rebels show.  Though he hasn’t gone over yet, he gets very close at times.  His desire is for protection of friends and family.  He’s open to using both sides of the Force to accomplish such a thing.  It could be enough to push him over to the Dark Side, like Anakin went.

ezra_rebelsThen there’s the matter of the holocrons – the Jedi and Sith secret holders.  Ezra is able to open both.  Also in the second episode of season 3 he is able to see into both very deeply.  He even eludes to Tatooine as being a place of hope for defeating the Sith.  Of course that also eludes to Luke Skywalker, though.  The holocrons may give him an advantage even over the Emperor.  It may be that Ezra knows what’s to come and will bide his time to take over when it’s right.

So, will he become a Sith?  In Force Awakens, there are mentions of Jedi, but not so much the Sith.  Snoke doesn’t refer to himself as a Darth.  Kylo Ren isn’t known as Sith.  Are there still Sith?  Perhaps not.  That would mean that Ezra doesn’t have to become a Sith or Jedi.  He could be something else entirely.  Like Ahsoka and Maul have lost allegiance to the Jedi and Sith, Ezra could start his own faction.  And it could be more balanced in the Force than ever before.

The reason I think for his separate faction is also the elusions this third season to creatures being in the middle of the sides, like the Bendu.  There also hints at it because of how the holocrons react to him.  He could eventually lean towards the Dark Side, but still be towards the middle, perhaps.  And, if there’s a need for balance, who better to recruit than the grandson of the Chosen One himself, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo.  Maybe there’s something more going on behind the scenes.

“That’s all well and fine” you may say, “but why would a former rebel help make a new Empire?”  The First Order isn’t the Empire, though.  It’s a separate government like the new Republic is in Force Awakens.  They are trying to vie for power, but they’re not the Empire exactly.  Born out of the Empire, yes.  THE Empire?  No.  Ezra could be so twisted that he thinks he’s creating something different, his own Order.  One without the Sith or some of the old Empire ways.  But, he could take the stuff he does like from the Empire too.

I’ll admit these parts of the theory are a bit out there.  There are a couple of things that are a bit more concrete.  One is the nose.  The nose of Ezra and Snoke are similar.  A bit of the facial structure around the noses are too.  Snoke would be the older looking Ezra, then.

Star Wars Rebels Season One (6)The other bit of evidence is in the second episode of this third season.  Maul has trained Ezra a bit, and may still give some training to him.  Maul shows off a mind reading Force ability that we’ve seen Kylo Ren use.  Kylo, we surmise, has learned it from Snoke.  If Snoke is Ezra, it’s possible that he learned it from Maul!  It seems to be a somewhat unique ability among Force users.

So, this is my theory for the mystery that is Supreme Leader Snoke.  Am I 100% certain?  No.  Even though it’s my theory I can’t say that it’s fact.  But, there’s little pieces of evidence that make me wonder.  We’ll find out someday.  In the meantime, I encourage you to watch Star Wars: Rebels and see the unfolding of the rebellion.  And tell me what you think about the unfolding evidence in the show.  Is it pointing towards Snoke or away?