Sherlock Season 4 Official Image

Let the Sleuthing Begin! Episode Titles for Sherlock Season 4 Released.

Sherlock Season 4 Official Image

Episode titles for season 4 of Sherlock have been released, well mostly. This week, 2 of the 3 episode titles were released for the hit BBC show. The titles of the two and the lack of title for the third is bound to lead to fans speculating and sleuthing as they try to figure out what will happen this season and just how dark things will get.

The two titles that have been released could continue the streak of being related to original Sherlock Holmes mysteries. The first episode title is “The Six Thatchers.” Fans of the original books might deduce that there is a correlation with “The Six Napoleons,” a story where busts of Napoleon are destroyed. Oh yea, and there is murder involved with this case as well. Sounds like the perfect case for Sherlock! For more speculation on this, let’s just throw out the fact that on John Watson’s blog there is a post already up called The Six Thatchers.

The second title released is “The Lying Detective.” This could be a play off the title “The Dying Detective” in which Sherlock Holmes pretends to be very sick with a rare disease.  When it was said that this season would be darker than previous… this definitely could do the trick. Perhaps it will be more than a disease this time?

The third title… was not released. There is speculation that this is because the title will give away a plot point or character. There is even speculation and rumors about what that could be. For the sake of potential spoilers though, we will not discuss that here.

Sherlock will be coming to small screens in January on PBS Masterpiece Theater in the United States. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the world’s most famous private detective Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman as his sidekick John Watson.

Do you have any predictions for season 4 of Sherlock?