Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 Announces New Mazes and Different Skeleton Key Rooms

ScaryFarm2016 26Knott’s Berry Farm has announced their new and returning mazes and scare zones for the 2016 season.  In addition will be a new style of Skeleton Key rooms and brand new Scare Zone.

In their grand fashion event, Knott’s Scary Farm looks to be bigger and badder this year.  Several of the mazes will be returning, having become favorites from before.  Paranormal Inc, Dead of Winter, Trick or Treat, Tooth Fairy, VooDoo, and Gunslinger’s Grave will be present.  New mazes include Shadowlands and Red Barn.

ScaryFarm2016 25
New Scare Zone called The Hollows

Red Barn is where guests find creatures preying on folks because of a sadistic family.  The children of this family are also taking victims throughout the maze.  Shadowlands is a Japanese inspired maze where guests follow a samurai who is trying to get into the pleasant afterlife, but is finding scary creatures along the way.

Scare Zones returning are Ghost Town, Carnevil, and Fiesta De Los Muertos.  A new scare zone called The Hollows will be Sleepy Hollow inspired.  Monsters will be prowling in each of these.

There were two even bigger announcements than the new mazes and scare zones.  New style of Skeleton Key rooms will be available.  The Skeleton Key is an add on to general admission and gives priority access to mazes and other opportunities, as well as these four new rooms.  The rooms will be stand alone, where they used to be introductions to the mazes.  Part escape room and part maze, these will be some of the more frightening attractions for the event.  The most interesting sounding is Prey where guests go through a hay maze with monsters being released every 30 seconds.  Groups of people need to navigate their way out with a lantern.  The twist is that the lantern will flicker on and off and guests don’t control when that’ll happen, while the maze is also in complete darkness.

ScaryFarm2016 16Black Ops: Infected was possibly the biggest announcement of the event.  Where it has been called Special Ops the last couple of years, this interactive almost video game like maze will be expanded this year.  Black Ops arms guests with light rifles to shoot down zombies in an even bigger maze than before.  AND there will not be a separate ticket for it.  Starting this year guests can enjoy this attraction as many times as they’d like as long as they’re willing to wait in line.  I am excited about that and thinking about getting a Scary Farm pass just to keep doing this game!

Speaking of a pass, there is the option to get one to enjoy all 24 nights if so desired.  The Skeleton Key is still an add on, as well as the Fright Lane pass, which is just a front of the line pass.  Advance tickets will save money too.

Of course, two more reasons to start getting tickets are Elvira and The Hanging.  These two shows are always crowd pleasers and look to be even more grand this year!

With all of those new attractions and returning favorites, this will be a huge year for Knott’s Scary Farm!

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