I know. It’s a presumptuous title. And, yes, not everyone lives near Knott’s Berry Farm. But, for those who are near the park, there are reasons to keep going by especially if you play Pokémon Go.

Free Wifi

While, actually, the wireless internet is more included in admission, it’s still a nice feature of the park. Wifi is present throughout Knott’s Berry Farm, and it has pretty nice speed. All this means you don’t have to use data to catch those Pokémon!

Many Much Pokéstops

Yes, other parks have quite a bit of Pokestops to grab some items at, but it seems like every bench and every ride at Knott’s Berry Farm has a Pokéstop attached to it. It means there’s an abundance of items to hit as you circle around the park. And there are many who have attached lures onto the stops, so more Pokémon abound.

Smaller Park Means More Stops

Knott’s Berry Farm isn’t a large park. Where that’s good is that Pokéstops have fewer steps between them. You can stop every so many feet and hit a new Pokéstop. There also seems to be quite a bit of Pokémon, and even some rare ones. Though I haven’t yet had the pleasure of capturing the more rare types, I’ve heard kids exclaim they’ve caught a Charmander, and someone posted a picture of a Charizard being within the vicinity!! In all, Knott’s Berry Farm is easy to do “laps” at, which means getting more out of the game, while enjoying scenery and entertainment.

What? There’s More To Do Than Pokémon Go?

Besides playing the game, there is a lot to do at Knott’s Berry Farm. Whether it’s riding the reopened GhostRider, or catching Snoopy in a show, there are many things to do if you need a break from the game.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to inhabit to have fun besides playing Pokémon Go, then Knott’s is a good place to do this at. The Season Pass is fairly inexpensive, so it makes for something to have when all they hype of the game dies down. Go out and catch them all, and have fun at Knott’s too!