Luke Cage Trailer and Moana – SDCC Day One

International Trailer Introduces Baby Moana
International Trailer Introduces Baby Moana

It’s about the end of the first day for the 2016 San Diego Comic Con.  There has been much excitement, as always.  One of the big panels had John Musker and Ron Clements speaking about Moana.


On the heels of a release of an international trailer, Musker and Clements took the stage to talk about the upcoming movie.  Though pictures were not allowed, there was much buzz about the art and scenes shown in preview.  More details on some of the characters were given.  Pua will be the name of the pig that has already been seen in a trailer.  Even the water is a character in the film.  Auli’i is the name of the voice actress for the newest Disney princess, and was present with the filmmakers.  Dwayne Johnson was not, but it’s known that he will have a song in the film.  A part of the good news of that is, of course, that Lin Manuel is the master song writer for the movie.

The audience loved the clips shown, including the first 3 minutes of the film.  Some bits and pieces of plot were divulged saying that this is not a romance story, but a hero’s journey.  Overall, it’s getting more and more fans of the film, and could be another great Disney hit like Frozen.



Luke Cage Panel

Cheo Choker, showrunner, Frank Whaley, Simone Missick, Mahershala Ali, Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi, and, of course, Mike Colter took the stage after a brief appearance by The Punisher, Jon Bernthal.  Following the cast appearing was a small clip from the upcoming series.  Alfre Woodard talked about how great the script is.  Others chimed in with the music.  They were calling it the “Wu-tangification” of the Marvel Universe.  Each episode is named after a Gang Starr song.  Missick, who plays Misty Knight, said that her first reading of a script was not the actual script for the show.  Marvel wanted to not let secrets out.  Many of the scenes were filmed in Harlem.

The series will premier on September 30.  A worldwide trailer will be released soon.

But, at the end of the panel were a few of surprises.  It was announced that Daredevil will have a third season!  The other brought an appearance of Iron Fist, who will have his own series on Netflix.  Finn Jones, who will portray Iron Fist, appeared on the small teaser.  At the very end was a teaser of each of the shows’ logos coming together to bring a Defenders title.  All to remind the audience of why these shows were created.

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