On this Memorial Day we pause and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have  life, liberty, and be able to pursue happiness. 

Disneyland's Patriotic Flag Retreat The United States of America is a great country to live one’s life. And the Disney Parks provoke that same sense of pride and joy. I’ve often thought it fitting that when I walk into Disneyland, or the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, that the experience begins with Walt Disney’s idealized childhood on Main Street, USA.

Main Street, USA is about as patriotic of a place as one could imagine. The flag flies proudly in Town Square. Throughout the summer, the patriotic bunting can be found hanging just about anywhere something could hang. Walt Disney had a very “American” childhood that continued into adult as the quintessential definition of the American Dream.

As Walt grew up and left behind Marceline, Missouri his dreams continued to grow as well. With all the changes and growth, he always clung to the foundation of small town America. He never forgot those roots. Walking into Disneyland, I have to stop and think about how this is where it all started. Walt Disney’s love of America is on display everywhere (especially in the summer leading up to the 4th of July). I look to the Opera House and see his early love of Abraham Lincoln come to life with Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Then I continue down the street and see the dream continue to grow. The magic of Walt Disney’s dreams grow beyond small town America and go to the worlds of tomorrow, fantasy, adventure, and beyond!

On this Memorial Day we pause and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have  life, liberty, and be able to pursue happiness. Their sacrifice create a climate where people can have the opportunity to grow up and become a Walt Disney. Their sacrifice allow people to explore their imaginations and pursue their dreams, beliefs, and passions. On this Memorial Day thank you to those who died so that we can truly live life of freedom.