Welcome to Geeks Corner! This week, it’s mostly about Captain America: Civil War. We saw the movie. We did a brief spoiler-free review on dapscast. Now it is time to talk candidly, and with spoilers, about the most recent movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America’s buddy troubles aren’t all that are talked about tonight though. We return to recognize the bison, the new official national mammal here in the United States of America. We also briefly chat about the possibility of Black Widow getting her own movie. Finally, it is time to say goodbye to Disney Infinity. Do you have any thoughts on any of these things?

Bobbleheads AssembleOther things of note this week on Geeks Corner. Mr. DAPs has a new truck. What should it be named? Hayley and Tyler are getting married. What should their hashtags be? All of these things and more are discussed on this week’s Geeks Corner!

Let’s go to the corner!