Mickey Mouse and solar power….what do they have in common? Over in Orlando, a 22-acre solar farm is now operational and its shape represents none other than the mouse himself!

According to Daily Mail, the solar farm will soon be able to provide power for around 1,000 homes. The facility which is run and paid for by Duke Energy, is in a 15-year agreement with Disney. Electricity from the 48,000 panels will provide power for Walt Disney World Resort parks, various hotels in the area and more.

In the future, Duke Energy plans to unveil an even larger solar farm. No word yet if the proposed farm would also be near the resort.

As a part Disney’s ongoing environmental awareness, this addition to the area has so far been proven beneficial. The resort is always looking for ways in which it can decrease its carbon footprint. Angie Renner, Walt Disney World Resort’s environmental integration director, was quoted by News 6 saying, “We are always seeking opportunities to become more renewable and to conserve natural resources.”

Even more exciting, the solar farm can be seen from space!

Mickey Mouse Solar Panels (3)Mickey Mouse Solar Panels (2)Mickey Mouse Solar Panels (1)