Shanghai Disneyland Opening Day Tickets Sell Out in Hours

Shanghai Disney

On Monday, tickets went on sale for Shanghai Disneyland. Shanghai’s very own Disneyland Park will open its gates to the public on June 16. Want to get a ticket for opening day? Well, looks like tickets sold out in a matter of hours, according to Fortune.

The first Disney theme park in mainland China is set to draw in a large crowd from both near and far. The park which is about twice the size of Tokyo Disney, will be home to the largest Disney Park castle, the very first pirate themed land, a unique Tron attraction and so much more! In addition, the park will provide a blend of Chinese culture through the resort.

Disney has already sought to manage expectations by with the investment community by saying Shanghai Disney will result in $300 million in preopening costs this fiscal year but won’t be a profitable venture quite yet. With the park opening in mid June and the company’s fiscal year ending in September, it isn’t enough time to turn a profit. Disney hasn’t made any targets for fiscal 2017 either.

If you are in fact interested in purchasing tickets for Shanghai Disneyland, excluding opening day, there are plenty. Please note that the park’s ticket prices will range on price of season. To find out more on tickets, please click here.

Were you one of the few to purchase tickets for opening day?

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