Geekolutions 2016: Update 1

Greetings, my fellow geeks! As many of you know from my previous post, I’m attempting to better myself and all of geekdom by committing to some seriously varied resolutions. As promised, here’s an update on how it’s all going, as well as my new monthly-assigned thingy!



[heading style=”subheader”]Becoming the Soda Jerk[/heading]

Before this year, soda pop and I have been in a very abusive, committed relationship. Much like a n00b on World of Warcraft with a much higher-leveled friend as a supplier, I would just pound Dr. Peppers like health potions to get through any challenge.

Honestly, I thought this was going to be my most difficult challenge, but it hasn’t been as terrible as I thought. Sure, the first few days, I had the urge to headbutt anyone or anything that looked at me funny (I’m looking at you, stop sign near my house), but once I got past the caffeine knee-jerk response, I just kinda was done. I had a sip of my wife’s Coke the other day, and… meh.

I haven’t made too many other changes to my diet, which I do plan on continuing to improve, but I’ve already seen a few marked improvements. Like a new appreciation for coffee. And saving money at restaurants.


[heading style=”subheader”]The Unspoken Word[/heading]

So. Sign language is difficult. I’ve spent the first bit of this year learning my basics, and researching the culture. I’ve found a couple of excellent resources as suggested to me by those fluent in sign, and am making progress. Here’s the most important things ive learned so far:

-There’s a LOT of incorrect information out there. Moreover, there’s a lot of variation even in the correct information. Be careful what you’re learning from.

  • Being a southpaw like me isn’t a death sentence for the language. ASL (which I’m working on) usually uses one hand for most signs, so it doesn’t hurt to learn with both hands.
  • Be humble. This isn’t just a fancy, artsy way of communicating. It’s an integral part of of a very proud, and very protective community.


[heading style=”subheader”]Vader’s Fist[/heading]

My path to the 501st Legion has begun! I’ve researched suppliers for the pieces of armor needed, and begun connecting with my local garrison.

The majority of the process in building your armor is talking and working with other members, who are always willing to lend their expertise. It’s wonderful to know that this group is so eager to help! As per suggestion from #geekscorner’s own @tylerepperson (he’ll be coming up again in just a moment), I will be chronicling my build step-by-step with this project’s hashtag #geekolutions2016, and compiling the end result. Then, it’s off to fighting some rebel scum… by volunteering!

Oh, and if anyone has a mannequin that they’re not using, I’d love to take it off your hands! For the benefit of the First Order, of course.


[heading style=”subheader”]When You Help Others…[/heading]

The most up in the air resolution for the year is taking on a new resolution from a different person every month. My first one came from @melanievogel, who challenged me to do one nice thing a day for someone else, which had absolutely no benefit to myself.

Now, doing nice things for others wasn’t the hard part. I like doing nice things. The hard part came in the, “no benefit to myself” portion.

You see, @melanievogel was ridiculously (and deviously) intelligent in her wording. My initial method of intentional niceness was to chronicle my niceties by date, of which I would share on these monthly updates.

Problem is, I would be benefitting by sharing that list. That fact was pointed out inadvertently by none other than @melanievogel herself as we were walking together with friends, and I did a, “nice thing” for someone, and immediately announced to the group that I had completed my daily task. Without missing a beat, she casually said, “aaaaand now it doesn’t count”.

And she was right. By announcing it in any way, shape, or form, I’d be benefitting from it by feeding my (shamefully) impressive ego.

So, I retailored my efforts. For the last month, I have been attempting to do a nice thing a day that couldn’t be tied to me in any way. Now most of the things were small, and I did miss about three days total, but I think it has been going well. Intentionally doing something with extra effort to keep your name off of it is humbling. So, thank you @melanievogel, and I will be continuing the challenge for the rest of the year.

My NEW challenge comes from @tylerepperson, longtime disembodied voice and tech guru behind the camera of #geekscorner. This fiery redhead is a …uniquely creative gentleman, which worried/motivated me to pick him.

Pictured: @tylerepperson

The man’s challenge to me is this: I am to try a new, weird hobby every month. Seems simple enough, but I think this can be deceptively challenging. First, I need to find something people do for fun that I haven’t ever thought to try (I’m a geek of all trades, it’s a surprisingly short list), and then I have to go whole-hog on it.

Now, if you have any suggestions on hobbies to try (or better yet, if you take part in something you’d like me to join in on), please comment below! Same goes if you have any tips for my other resolutions, or suggestions for the chooser of my next one.

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