Tom Hanks Shares His Commute to Pixar Animation Studios

Remember that time Pixar announced a fourth Toy Story film was in the works? Also, remember that time Toy Story celebrated its 20th anniversary a few weeks ago? Ah, so much Toy Story magicalness (yes, I made that word up) has been happening the in past year.

Now the time has come when we as fans know that things are surely moving forward. Tom Hanks, aka Woody, has shared a video of his commute to work…to work on Toy Story 4! Check out his drive into Pixar Animation Studios in Oakland, CA.

Now that production is in full effect, let the countdown begin. Oh the feels! Toy Story 4 is set for a theater release on June 15, 2018.

Do you like the fact Pixar is releasing a fourth film in the franchise?

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