Disneyland Resort’s Official Website Updates ‘Season of the Force’ Ending Date [UPDATED]

We can now report that the Disneyland Resort has updated the Season of the Force webpage and no end date is now listed. This is consistent with what the Disney Parks Blog has written. 

Are you excited about this update? 

As of Monday, November 16, the Disneyland Resort has introduced us all to the Season of the Force. This entertainment layover located in Tomorrowland, brings forth all thing Star Wars.

As we prep for the expansion of the Disneyland Resort with the addition of a Star Wars themed land, Season of the Force is here to amp us all up. With the Season of the Force in full effect, guests can experience the essence of Star Wars in variety of ways. From food to merchandise and even character interactions, Season of the Force has it all covered.

When the full details of the entertainment layover were announced on the Disney Parks Blog back in September, it was noted that an end date had yet to be determined. After recently searching the official Disneyland Resort website and the newly updated Season of the Force page, an end date has since then been listed. (cited links in red)

Season of the Force (1)

So far the website sates that the seasonal offering will run from November 16, 2015, through May 26, 2016. Please note that the entertainment ending date is subject to change. As stated by the Disney Parks Blog (back in September) a few things were to be limited time. Below is a screen shot from the Disney Parks Blog article. With a proposed end date, we could these entertainment offerings ending come May.

Star Wars Season of the Force _

As to what exactly Season of the Force bestows, let’s check out the details. To celebrate the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December, as well as the past films of the franchise, there is much to experience during Season of the Force. Guests at Disneyland Park can take part in some pretty fun options.

First off, Star Tours – The Adventure Continues has added a new destination. Guests can experience a brand new location brought to you by the seventh film. Also in the lines of attractions, the well known Space Mountain has the layover of Hyperspace Mountain. Here guests take part in a wild ride in the midst of an X-wing starfighter battle. You can check out the fun attraction update in the clip below.

Those wishing to meet icons from the Dark Side or Light Side, such as Darth Vader or Chewbacca, can do so at the Star Wars Launch Bay. In addition, the Star Wars Launch Bay houses props, costumes, a shop and more!

Also arriving very soon is the newly updated Jedi Training Academy. Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple will include an updated set with the likes of characters from the Star Wars Rebels television show.

Lastly, we can not forget the food! Both Pizza Port and the Galactic Grill (aka Tomorrowland Terrrace) have Star Wars themed food items for all to enjoy. Items range from kids meals, specialty drinks and even vegetarian options.

This and so much more can be found during Season of the Force.

What are your thoughts so far on the proposed ending date?

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