Disney’s Frozen has been so much of a hit that fans can see characters of the film pretty much anywhere… even up in the sky. The airplane company WestJet, has revealed a brand new Frozen themed plane titled Frozen 737.

The Oh My Disney website shared a clip of the painting process. If you ask me, it’s pretty “cool.”

Both the inside and outside of the plane are themed alongside the movie. WestJest said, “The interior of the Disney Frozen-themed plane brings together a blend of colours that mimic the seasons. As guests enter the aircraft, they will notice that the colours transition from warm-to-cold, mirroring the exterior of the aircraft.”


Here are a few facts from the article in regards to the plane:

  • The job took 21 days of 12-hour rotations involving a constant crew of six painters working 24/7.
  • The crew used 643.5 litres of paint consisting of 23 colours — five for the umbrella alone.
  • Sparkles were added to the paint in sections to add shimmer and shine as the aircraft moves.
  • An airbrush artist was brought in to work on details around the sun, water and castle.
  • The inside of the aircraft has decals and headrest covers that mimic the cold-to-warm (back-to-front) theme on the outside of the aircraft.

What do you think about the Frozen 737?