Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ to Begin Production Next Year in Australia

On Wednesday, Variety reported some big news on the third Thor film. Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok will begin shooting next year in Australia. Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, confirmed the announcement.

Bishop said, “Attracting major films made here will be a significant boost for our economy, for our industrial base, and for linking Australia in innumerable ways to our ever-globalizing world.”

The third film of the franchise is said to be released in 2017. Chris Hemsworth will once again return as Thor. In a video message, Hemsworh said he was “incredibly excited to be coming back home to work.” As for director, New Zealand native Taika Waititi is still in negotiations.

Also to add, looks like the Hulk himself will make an appearance in the film. Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce Banner will appear. His addition to the storyline is not clear. This would be the Hulk’s first appearance outside The Avengers.

Variety states that the “plot details remain vague, other than that the film will take place somewhere other than Earth and Asgard.”

Loki and Lady Sif fans, have no fear as Tom Hiddleston and Jaimie Alexander will return to reprise their roles.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017. Kevin Feige is to produce.

Any speculations on what the plot will be?