It’s Time to Revisit the Classics… With Friends!!!

Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope
Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope
Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

I’ve come to an interesting realization in the last couple of days.

As the Day of Geek Glory is nearly upon us (otherwise known as Dec. 18th, the release of the new Star Wars film), I’ve been speaking, writing, and otherwise egotistically authoritat-ing on all things related to the Force. And, in my not-so-humble opinion, I can put together quite the cogent argument on why puppet-Yoda is better than techno-Yoda.

There’s a reason I feel so entitled to speak on behalf of that particular universe. I’ve put in my time. I was raised on the originals, and got to experience the prequels firsthand. I have a distinct memory of being at a friend’s house at a very young age, and seeing the back and gold VHS box of episodes IV-VI from before the the numbers IV-VI were even associated with the films.

Star Wars Holiday SpecialI’ve even watched the Holiday Special. Voluntarily. More than once.

Point is this: For all of my collected knowledge and trivia about Star Wars, it’s actually been quite a while since I’ve seen the movies in their entirety. It has literally been years since I’ve just sat down to enjoy one of the movies. With Episode VII so close at hand… it’s time.

Therefore I, Cameron Drew Jackson, being of sound-ish mind and squishy body, do hereby solemnly swear to watch all six Star Wars films… including the Holiday Special… before the release of Episode VII. I will watch them in Machete Order (as discussed HERE in a previous article), inserting the special just after Episode III. I will attempt to watch these films with a fresh eye, to pick up on things I may have missed, and to relive fond memories of day’s past.


Oh, and I’m bringing you along with me.


After each film, I will write a review, sharing my thoughts and observations. I’ll even be joined by special guest commentator or two along the way.

Now, if you have anything you’d like me to focus on while I’m watching, or any suggestions for who I should be joined by during this adventure from the DAPs crew or guest list, please comment below!

Moreover, I will be LIVE-TWEETING with my guests when the time comes, so if you’d like the opportunity to weigh-in (and have a chance to be included in the review) whilst we watch, please twittle at us with the hashtag #CamReviewsSW. Each individual Episode viewing will be announced Tuesdays during #GeeksCorner, so be sure to tune in there as well! Here’s to new adventures with old classics!

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