Fun D/Style Disney Socks Now Available

It seems like there are more and more ways to show off your Disney Side these days. Having socks with Disney characters on them? Yes, please sign me up!

Over on the Disney Style website, new images of socks from the D/Style Collection, which are currently available on the online Disney Store, have been released. These socks, which come in adult sizes, are the perfect way to show off your Disney appreciation.

The D/Style socks are currently marked at $4.95 a pair. So far, these socks come in a handful of character options including Tsum Tsum. Fingers crossed more characters arrive soon!

Also, this collection was shown at the D23 Expo back in August with a variety of other D/Style items such as totes, home accessories and more.

If you are interested in these socks, please click here to visit the Disney Store.

Which pair is your favorite?

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