A Halloween Hit! - Geeks Corner - Episode 504

A Halloween Hit! – Geeks Corner – Episode 504

Happy Halloween everyone! This week on Geeks Corner we celebrate Halloween as everyone does… by playing Mafia. You thought this was going to be a hit Halloween episode didn’t you…? Nope, there will be hits on this episode of Geeks Corner as the Mafia and Sheriff duke it out with the good people of Geeks Corner’s lives hanging in the balance. Throughout the game, it’s time to chat about all that is geeky. This week it includes an incredible costume by Hayley the Hatter, two of everything at Disneyland for Thanksgiving, Star Wars reviews by Cameron, and there is only ONE Indiana Jones. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Geeks Corner and have a very happy Halloween!

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Next week we will have a DAPs Quest segment from Mikey Really Likey and also Amanda Jane of Amanda Jane Designs! We hope you have a fantastic week! Please take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube and connect with us on the Geeks Corner twitter!

Let’s go to the corner!