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tales-to-astonish-35Ant Man has been a hit with audiences, especially for being an odd bookend to Marvel movies phase 2.  We have learned a lot about the character and his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  But, what is his place in Marvel Comics?  Here’s some references to the comics, and even differences.

Hank Vs. Scott

Both Hank and Scott have been Ant Man in the comics, but did these characters stay true in the movies?  Somewhat.  Hank and Scott are a little closer in age than the movies portray, for one thing.  Hank isn’t Ant Man all the time, but neither is Scott.  Their sharing the role is something that has happened in the comics from time to time.

Tales To Astonish

There’s a really quick reference to Ant Man’s first appearance in the comics.  Cross when first addressing investors about the Yellow Jacket project says the line “tales to astonish.”  This is the title of the comic that Ant Man first appeared.  He appeared not as a super hero, but as a man who shrunk down and encountered an adventure where everyday objects are gigantic.  The comic itself was not a super hero comic, but was just what the title seemed: different stories that were fantastic or fictional.  Ant Man did appear in his super hero form in another issue that helped launch his career.

250px-Youngavengerspresents5Cassie Lang

The daughter of Scott Lang was a bit of a reason why Scott was first a thief.  Scott stole Pym Particles to try to save his daughter, who had a congenital heart disease.  Because Scott eventually joined the Avengers, Cassie knew of and had experience with quite a bit of heroes.  She, over time, injected herself with Pym Particles, unbeknownst to many.  Eventually, following the short death of her father, joined the Young Avengers.  The Young Avengers is a group of teenage heroes that have taken after the adult team.  Cassie showed the power to grow and shrink in size and became known as Stature.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket does exist in the comics, but not as he does in the movie.  The persona was one of many that Dr. Hank Pym took up as a super hero.

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